Hibbing Nordic Ski Team & Ski Club

Whether you’ve skied since you could walk or you’ve never skied before, the Hibbing Nordic Ski Club wants you! Come, join us and develop strength, improve endurance, and develop a lifelong love of skiing.

Not every animal puts on a layer of fat for the winter

For more information, please contact head coach, Bethany Jones, or assistant coach, Pete Kero.

Nordic Ski Coaches

Head Coach

Assistant Coaches

  • Cory Koilodji
  • Lisa Dolinich
  • Jill Burkes
  • Pete Kero
  • George Radkovich - Wax coach

Team Photos

Hibbing Nordic Team 2018-2019Hibbing Nordic Team 2018-2019
Hibbing Nordic Team 2017-2018Hibbing Nordic Team 2017-2018
Hibbing Nordic Team 2016-2017Hibbing Nordic Team 2016-2017
Hibbing Nordic Team 2015-2016Hibbing Nordic Team 2015-2016
Hibbing Nordic Team 2014-2015Hibbing Nordic Team 2014-2015
Hibbing Nordic Team 2013-2014Hibbing Nordic Team 2013-2014
Hibbing Nordic Team 2012-2013Hibbing Nordic Team 2012-2013

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